HAJÓS-BAJA VINEYARD can thank its grape culture to the German-speaking population settled here. Europe’s biggest cellar village of 1200 cellars can also be found here. The natural yellow soil gift is perfect for providing an even temperature for the wines all year round in its tunnels. Other peculiarity of the place is that Hungary’s first vine order, the Pax Corporis was founded here.


The KUNSÁG area has the biggest vineyard of the country. After the Turkish rule and the filoxera disease the grape- and vine production picked  up in the area. In all the drops of the Lowland vine the sunshine can be felt as more than 2100 hours of sunshine is present in the area every year. True enough that on three quarter part of the vineyard white wine grapes are produced, the red wine has an especially good fame, like the Kiskörös Kadarka and Solt wines. Some of the light and soft wines are made into champagne in Izsák.

The South-Plain WINE TRIPS are accepting the visitors where they can get to know not only the wines typical to the location and the other peculiar products of the region, but also the local cultural and historical traditions.

Recommended wine trips:

Kecskemét - Szabadszállás - Kolon-tó - Kiskőrös-Soltvadkert - Fülöpjakab - Kecskemét
• Kecskemét - Kecel - Kiskőrös - Kiskunhalas - Jánoshalma - Érsekhalma - Hajós - Nemesnádudvar - Ásotthalom – Kecskemét

On Whitsun Sunday teh Open Cellar Day is organized when the participating cellars open their doors to the visitors who can get an insight of the secrets of the wine. There are different events for the tourists, such as National and Famous Wine Festival of Kecskemét, New Wine Celebration of Nemesnádudvar, Izsák Sárfehér Days, Wine Festivals pf Vince-, Orbán-, and Márton Day, harvest festivals, only to mention the biggest ones.

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