Oral examination, preparation of treatment plan and qoute     Free
Extraction - non surgical     30 £
Extraction - surgical     75 £
Root canal treatment with one-more root canal     80-125£
Tooth-coloured filling     55 £
Inlay (gold)+additional charge for gold     175 £
Veneer (porcelain)     175 £
Post and core     55 £
Porcelain covered crown, bridge (per unit) = metalceramic crown     175 £
Porcelain covered crown to a gold implant (without the price of gold!!)     175 £
Full porcelain (Zirconium)     245 £
Porcelain covered crown to an implant = metalceramic crown     175 £
Implantation from     330 £
Sinus-lifting     90 £
Bone replacement (Material price/g; Membrane)     320 £
Full professional tooth whitening with Philips Zoom technology     320 £
Complete removable denture      
Removable plastic denture (/arch)     300 £
Removable metal denture (/arch)     400 £
Titanium build      
Professional tooth cleaning (plaque removal, intraoral power jet,
    40 £


How to pay for the treatment?

You can pay in cash in the dental office after the intervention or with any bank card issued by bigger banks, or even with health cheque.


Our warranties are equal to the international standards.

Crown 3 years
Inlay (= inset), Veneer (= porcelain shell) 3 years
Fillings 1 year
Implant (only applies to the material!)* 5 - 8 years
Partial removable denture (no temporary filling!) 3 years
Complete removable denture 2 years

*The warranty referring to the implant can only be validated if the full work process: placement of implant into the bone, preparing crown/bridge etc. build and the possible extraction of the implant from the bone were carried out by Arsdental.



  •  the patient does not follow the dentist’s instructions (e.g. does not wear the removable denture at night)
  • the patient does not visit the patient for screening check-up at least once a year
  •  because of the natural aging / deterioration process of the gum and the bone tissue
  •  the patient does not clean and wear the removable denture
  • the oral hygiene of the patient is not appropriate
  • accidental incident happens (e.g. the patient loses the removable denture)
  •  in case of other, general diseases of the patient that can have a negative influence on the state of the tissues (e.g. diabetes, epilepsy, osteoporosis, after RTG / chemotherapy


  •  In case you sent us an OPT (panoramic dental X-ray) we can provide you with an approximate price offer!!! detailed price offer can only be given after the examination of the patient and personal contultation.


Dental discounts for our foreign patients who reserve accomodation at our primary accomodating partner, Hotel Kenguru.

First check-up, price offer and first panorama X-ray is free for all patients.

  • In case of spending 1000 EUR on dental treatment, patient receives free professional scaling.
  • In case of spending 2000 EUR on dental treatment, You and your partner are invited for a dinner with a bottle of good wine in the Kenguru Csárda restaurant.
  • In case of spending 3000 EUR on dental treatment, we cover the return transfer fee (for 2 persons) or pay for a room with double / twin beds for 3 nights in Hotel Kenguru.
  • In case of spending 4000 EUR on dental treatment, we cover the fee of one-week accommodation in a double room in the Hotel.
  • In case of spending 5000 EUR on dental treatment, beyond your one week accommodation we also cover for the airport transfer (for 2 persons) to the Hotel.
  • In case of spending 6000 EUR on dental treatment, we provide you with a free professional scaling, transfer (for 2 persons), accommodation for two for one week and You and your partner are also invited for a pleasant dinner.
  • In case of spending 10000 EUR on dental treatment that will possibly require two-time stay, we fully cover for the double room for this time (1 week + 10 days) and if needed, return airport transfer for two occasions (for 2 persons).



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