Our dental office

The treatment procedure

Our dear patients are welcomed with an accommodating atmosphere in a friendly waiting room. After making an appointment personally or on phone can we accept you so that the waiting time can be minimized. During the first meeting the entire, free of charge state assessment, the recognition and recording of needs are carried out. In case it is needed we make a panorama X-ray. Upon our discussion you receive a written price offer including more possible treatment types and their prices. As an appendix of the price offer you are given a general written information summary that may make the decision easier. In case you are unable to appear personally, but you send us enough information (CT, X-ray, photo, description of your wishes, etc.) we can provide you with and approximate price offer.



Our dental office

We welcome patients from all age groups.
In the ”green dental office” you can find Dr István Sarkadi, Dr Levente Szabó, Ildikó Nagy dental hygienist and Helga Bán dental assistant.
In the”orange dental office” you can meet Dr Andrea Gáll and Mariann Németh dental hygienist.
The procedure often starts with the work of the dental hygienists as they are the ones who create clean, inflammation-free circumstances so that we, the dentists, could carry out perfect work. They remove plaque, polish, whiten teeth and also help You to keep the achieved results with home oral care as long as possible. They are highly-trained professionals, feel free to ask them in any dental topics.


Our dental office



Though you directly do not face with it, but our dental office greatly emphasizes hygiene. In the background there is strict disinfestation, wrapping and sterilization to take care of your health.

Closed system KaVo cleaning equipment. 4 KaVo manual pieces are cleaned and lubricated at the same time making the attendance of manual pieces quicker, easier and safer.

The ultrasonic cleaning is the most efficient way of removing the big and microscopic subsidence. The method is based on the application of high-frequency sound waves. The sound waves create microscopic sized vacuum bubbles that instantly explode while cleaning the surface of the equipment. The cleaning effect in combination with the antiseptic solutions is so intensive that it affects the smallest slits. (Colten Biosonic)

This is followed by the wrapping of the equipment. (Melag)

Then the sterilization follows. The Melag Vacuclavs live up to the requirements of the present age both in their technology and formation. The programs controlled by a microprocessor, the high-pressure steam and high temperature ensure the absolute elimination of all causative agents.



Our tools


Beside these there are numerous Hungarian, German, Japanese, French, American, etc. dental devices and machines on our disposal so that you would be provided with the highest quality of service. Here are only a few of them:

There are KaVo unit devices in both dental offices equipped with KaVo led manual pieces, surgical lamp.

Satalec, Trophy lamp-bracket X-ray equipment, Cranex panorama X-ray all these combined with KaVo system digitalizing device.

KaVo Intrasurg surgical device for the minor oral surgical interventions.

NSK Variosurg ultrasonic device for the delicate bone surgical interventions.

SoniWhite device for the gentle teeth whitening.

DenTi implantation tray and surgical tray

Soft laser device

Fona diode laser

NSK and Ionyx Endy mechanic root channel treating and measuring devices.

Satalec and Bluephase high-performance led technology photo polymerization lamps.



Our avocation

And we could go on, but we endeavor to apply the latest innovations in respect of devices, tools and materials, as beside the fact that we wish to carry out quality work, the novelty always gives us pleasure, since we are at a favored situation that our job is as well as our hobby at the same time…

…and we sometimes approach things from a completely new perspective

…nothing is impossible for us!


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