National Parks

Kiskunság National Park:

The most well-known part of the park is the Bugac lowland where besides the junipers (ősborókás) the typical mounds and sand wasteland are looking forward to the visitors. The craft of bugac horsemen and the old shepherd traditions are presented every day in horseman programs and there are several horse farms, too for the visitors.


Körös-Maros National Park

There are many rare animal species, like Gortyna borelii lunata butterflies, the steppe butterfly, or earth dog. Next to Dévaványa there is the biggest great bustard conservation area of Europe where there is a possibility to study the biggest fowl of the continent.




Duna-Dráva National Park:

Its most famous part is teh Gemenc forest taht is the most densely populated area by black starks and bald eagle. Gemenc, as a hunting area is very favored owing to its deer population.



Ópusztaszer National Memorial Park:

’On that place teh leader and the country nobles settled all the laws and rights of the country, the Hungarians called it Szeri on their own language’ (Anonymus)

Thus Béla III writes about the legendary place that became well-known as Ópusztaszer National Memorial Park in Hungary and in the world.

The visitor arrives at the spot of the legend of Settlement and today’s reality when entering the gate of the Memorial Park. The young and the elderly can freely choose among the recreational and study possibilities. And then we haven’t even mentioned the wonderful natural surroundings. The park offers a full-day program for the visitors. The visitor can be part of a national and cultural heritage and get enriched with archeological, ethnographic, artistic and scientific knowledge. There are holidays with a series of vivid events such as Vince-day, Whit-Monday, Easter, Saint Stephen days and János day.

From the offer: forest hiking, fire places, summer camps, tents. The new camping the the lodge are great experience for the adults and children, such as the water full of fish for the fishermen. Besides the Feszti Cyclorama, our visitors can choose from 33 permanent exhibitions, 42 artifacts, open air museum, Temple of the forests, Nomadian Park, sports ground, study trail, music and gastronomic joys. In the center, besides the rotunda there is the Dam Guard House, the House of Hungarians in the World, the ruins of Szer monastery, statue pantheon, galloping horsemen and Klebersberg’s school.

Szarvas and Körös:


Its greatest fame is the Botanic Garden on 82 hectares territory with 1600 tree and bushes. We can get to the windmill that meant the center of the historic Hungary on the Historic Memorial Path. The Holt-Körös, with its 29 km length, is the 5th largest still water in Hungary, thus favored by the fishermen. If someone loves water, he can go on a cruise and perceive the unique taxodiums with incomparable beauty, use the beaches on the banks, hire canoes, kayaks at the Erszébet-liget yard of the Kayak-Canoe Club. Big annual events: Amateur Coach-Driving Championship and Horseman Meeting, Pipe Festival, Körös Days, Szarvas Town Day, Harvest Day, Amateur Canoe Race, Saint Stephen Day, Plum Day.

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