Bath resorts


The Spa Park and water park in Orosháza and Gyopárosfürdő are getting more and more popular. It is in a picturesque surrounding with a huge green area. The bath has alkali-hydrogen carbonate-rich water can be enjoyed in the pools and tubes of the Medicinal Center that can be visited all year round and a great variety of physiotherapy and balneotherapy treatments are offered in the therapy rooms.



’There is a place between Bugac and Ópusztaszer’ where everyone can take a rest- say the people in Kiskunmajsa. The bath is getting more and more popular both inland and abroad. Its 72C water is cooled down and utilized in open-air pools and indoor medicinal pools for physiotherapy cures. It operates all year round on 400 square meters territory of water surface bath resort and a wave pool that can be enjoyed from spring to autumn. The children can use the children’s water paradise and the youth can enjoy the slide park. There is a natural pond suitable for bathing on the 20 hectares area surrounded by trees and lawn besides a fishing lake. Right in the neighborhood of the bath there is a huge variety of accommodation: camping and motel, lodges, resort village, farm and village accommodation

Szeged Baths:

Szeged is a famous bath city in Europe with its four-star bath (Anna Bath, Aquapolis), the spas and healing centers based on the Anna and Dora healing water and swimming pool camping.


Water Resort and Swimming Pool of Hódmezővásárhely is situated in a large, park-liek environment. It is an easy-to-approach, relaxed surroundings where more ope-air thermal water pools are offering relief from the rheumatic problems. The new, 600-locket dressing room serves the comfort of the guests. On the premise of the pool massage, underwater massage solarium, sauna, steam cabin, medicinal swimming and aqua fitness are offered, in some cases with the help of the professionals from Erzsébet Hospital.

The water resort co-operates with the up-do-date swimming pool that is adequate for organizing international sport events and it offering colorful services to those who would like to do sports. The newly built infrastructure proved a high-quality service for both reception and technical procedure.

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