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arsartis f. 1. practice, skill, method, technique, expertise, proficiency, talent, ability, gift, character; ~ animi - poise of mind; 2. art, profession, atistic sense; science, scientific method or theory; compendium; artem profitetur - be master of a trade; ~ dicendi - art of rhetoricł; doctrinae et artes – practical and theoretical education; ~ oratoria – science of rhetoric; Palladis ~ architecture; 3. masterpiece, masterwork, work of art; 4. art of goddess; plur. Muses;


Our ARS POETICA="professional creed": We strive to propose our patients the dental treatment we would choose for ourselves in a given case, which results in an optimal solution both for the patient and the dentist.

Dear Patients,

As it can be clearly seen from our Ars Poetica, we are dedicated to provide you with high quality dental services regarding both professional and human aspects. That is why we are continuously expanding our range of facilities, keeping abreast of the current technological innovations in dentistry thus applying state of the art equipment and broadening our professional knowledge. Each member of our team is a highly educated, conscientious, enthusiastic, experienced colleague. Being a family business we do have crucial advantage, namely, the flexibility to guarantee a solution even to your special needs, and the harmony between us, which further allows you to relax and be dealt with in the best possible circumstances. We look forward to your visit at our dental surgery and are all about appreciating your confidence by endowing you with supreme treatment.

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